Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Royal Affair Exhibition - Wednesday 27th of April 2011 - Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery , Bourdon Building - Glasgow School of Art 

18 Artists were asked to make a piece that expressed their feelings about the Royal marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William on Friday the 29th of April 2011. 

They were : Steven Robertson, Gail McKinnock, Sinead Dunn, Sam Kerr, Jasper Fitzgerald, Benjamin Cluness, Claudia Nova, Christopher James Melgram, Jules Leano Gay, Oskar Oprey, Alex Lunn, Alex Misick, Kate Frankie Hunt , Pedro Brito , Jo Gallagher , Ellen Shafer, Scott Caruth and Catrin Jeans .

Steven Robertson - 'Untitled' - Paper, Canvas and Spray Paint. 

Gail McKinnock - 'Postentitled' - Horse shit and Gold paint.

Sinead Dunn - 'Confetti' - Ceramics 

Sam Kerr - 'Sham' - Cardboard and Paint 

Jasper Fitzgerald - '1917' - Memorabilia and Porn on Wood

Benjamin Cluness - 'Untitled' - Embossment on Paper 

Claudia Nova - 'Warm Leatherette' - Cast and Car door

Christopher James Melgram - 'Antipathy and Ecstasy : Royal Etiquette for Beginners' - Projection and Envelopes .

 Jules Leano Gay - 'Greek Wedding Shy' - Plates and throwing objects

Oskar Oprey - 'Fuck the Royal Wedding' - Digital C-Print

Alex Lunn - 'Untitled' - Collage 

Alex Misick - 'Anti-Oedipal virgin : Fuck the Body without organs' - Digital Print and Digital photo frame.

Kate Frankie Hunt and Pedro Brito - 'Kate and Diana' - Performance 

Jo Gallagher - 'Untitled' - Road Sign 

Scott Caruth - '...and eat it too' - Union jack cakes and Platter

Catrin Jeans - 'Untitled' - Drawings 

Ellen Schafer - 'Untitled' - Valid American Passport on Wire

The opening ...